Problems logging in or while inside classroom??

You might check the following items.

  1. If you are on AOL you should minimize AOL after siging on and bring up IE6 explorer or later in order to use all the functions of the course.
  2. You should disable all popup blockers. Check for popup blocker here

  3. Are you getting "Page cannot be found" ? If so you might right click that page and "Refresh" it once or twice.
  4. Getting Javascript errors or warnings?? See below.
  5. "Remember me?" not working?? Check your "Cookie settings" under the "Privacy" tab in the internet options.
  6. If you have other problems that are not solved by the above, you may email me here.

    Our course requires javascript to be enabled on your browser, to only run javascript on our sites, please do the following:
    To allow the scripting that is used on our pages, do the following: